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Conversations of Empowerment: How to Be an Ally, Featuring Erika Koss

TD presents African Heritage Month

If you have ever wanted to be an ally to someone from a marginalized community you are not a part of and are unsure of how you can help, this is the conversation for you. Jesse Nervais, founder of Dreadlocks and Kindness, is joined by Erika Koss, founder of A World In Your Cup, for a conversation on allyship.

Rooted in the belief that it is the everyday kindness of ordinary people that lead to long term positive changes in our communities, this talk focuses on the tangible elements of inclusion and social justice that empower the countering of discrimination in the world around us.  

This event is part four in a four part series.

In partnership with Metroworks, Stone Hearth Bakery, A World in Your Cup, and Dreadlocks & Kindness

Central Library - Wednesday May 25th @ 7:30pm - 9:00pm Paul O'Regan Hall | Floor 1 Adults | Teens

Ready to Stitch with Funmi

TD presents African Heritage Month

On Thursdays before Teen Night this month, join Funmi, the Creative Director of MichNat Fashion House, for a 4-week hand-sewing program.

MichNat Fashion House's brand is trendy, versatile, and vibrant, with a touch of Africa.

In this workshop: Funmi and her team will demonstrate how to make hair scrunchies and other small fashion designs! Training will be practical and will also include an introduction to the history of African prints. We will provide all the supplies you need. No experience is necessary. Space is limited.‚Äč

In partnership with MichNat Fashion House's Funmi

Woodlawn Public Library - Thursday May 26th @ 6:00pm - 7:30pm Teens Registration Required.

To register, email, phone or text Anneka at (902) 476-9012 or janesa@halifax.ca